Salute to the History, Lead the Future, and Accelerate the Pace of HIT to Become a First Class University in the World


                  Good Morning, Comrades and Students,

                  Today we are gathering here to celebrate the 95th anniversary of HIT by a Flag Raising ceremony. With this simple but solemn ceremony, we want to salute to the history of HIT, look forward to the future, and arouse our enthusiasm to accelerate the pace of HIT into a first class university in the world.

                  95 years ago HIT was established when the Chinese people was under poor and weak circumstances with domestic strife and foreign aggression. June 7th 1950, the telegram from the CPC Central Committee to the Northeast Bureau announced the returning of HIT to the arms of our mother country.

                  We want to thank our country. No matter during which period of development, the country always provides strong support and great opportunities for the development of HIT, while HIT people always return the society with responsibility and patriotism. We want to pay our salute to the “800 heroes” of HIT. They came from different areas of China to Harbin to devote their whole life and energy to the rise of HIT. They laid sound foundation for the HIT talent education featured with solid foundation and strong practical skill, and set good examples for the HIT motto “Strictest Standard, Greatest Effort”. We also want to thank all our faculty members for generations. It is them who are passionate in their positions and devote themselves to the development of the university as well as to their students. Our respects should be paid to our alumni too. They keep the HIT traditions in mind and practice them wherever they are and whatever they do. They are working in different walks and industries and gaining achievements which bring honors and respects not only to themselves but also to HIT. Last but not the least, let’s salute to our friends in China and the world. HIT cannot make its progress and development without the support and help from them.

                  The motto of HIT is “Strictest Standard, Greatest Effort”. The HIT Spirit is “Patriotism with dedication and responsibility, truth with practicality and scientificity, teamwork with tolerance and cooperation, perseverance with endeavor and innovation”. The motto and the spirit of HIT explain what kind of university HIT should be and what kind of students it should educate. There is one and only one standard in HIT which the three campuses of HIT should always follow. High education quality is the core we stick to. We attach great importance to the fundamental theories, knowledge and skills of our students, and we cherish the ability of innovation. We aim to educate knowledgeable and skillful students with firm faith, good characters, international horizon and leadership who will inherit the Chinese traditional culture and strive for the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

                  We will continue the approaches of “master + teamwork” and promotion of young faculty members in our faculty team construction. High level teaching and research are requirements for our teachers. A good teacher should be with ideal faith, good morality, profound knowledge and kindheartedness who always remember the obligation of being a teacher. HIT faculty members should follow these conduct guidelines and try hard to become new “800 heroes” of HIT in the new period.

                  HIT insists high standard in scientific research. We will continue to focus on the development of the discipline of Aerospace to support the defense industry of our nation. Our researches would also focus on providing solutions and products to meet the need of the society. Multi-disciplinary teamwork and collaboration is our feature. We will create favorable environment for our research and encourage independent innovation, and exploration of new rules, theories, approaches and technologies. We endeavor to become the constructor of the nation’s innovation system of science and technology, participant of the global innovation system of knowledge and impeller of human progress.

                  In international communication and collaboration, HIT will take good advantage of international experience as well as resources of high quality. Aiming at increasing the international influence of the university, HIT will strengthen the internationalization of its campus, participate actively in international assessment and evaluation, promote substantial collaboration with first class universities and institutions in the world, maintain its dominant position on the Sino-Russian cooperation, attract more excellent international faculty members and students to work and study in the university, and encourage more native faculty and students to go abroad for international communication.

                  In administration management, HIT will keeps its service level for faculty and students. Based on the requirement of “Three Stricts and Three Steadies”, our administrative staff would maintain passionate for their positions. By improving their cross cultural communication capacity and advocating detail-oriented attitude for better service, HIT will build an administrative team which are willing to learn, skilled in service and prepared to take responsibilities.

                  It is the dream of HIT to become a first class university in the world from generation to generation. To achieve this goal, HIT should deeply root itself into the ground of its nation ---- China. First, HIT should absorb nutrition from traditional Chinese culture and make good use of the unique advantages our society and government provide. HIT should integrate good traditional Chinese culture and core values of socialism into its education for students, contributing to the enhancement of China’s cultural soft power and the influence of Chinese culture. Second, HIT should be sensitive to the need of the nation, focusing on providing solutions for problems of China. HIT will actively involve itself into the national programs such as “One Belt One Road” program, “Made in China 2025” project and “Revitalization of the Northeast China” project. HIT will facilitate the construction of Heilongjang Research Institution for Industry and Technology, HIT Robot Group, HIT Innovational Park, and HIT Welding Group. HIT will push forward the integration of Informatization and industrialization, and the combination of military and civilian researches. HIT (Weihai) and HIT Shenzhen Graduate School should also involve themselves in the regional development. Third, HIT will explore new approaches for higher education reform, setting examples for the higher education reform in China.

                  Dear comrades, students and alumni, now we are celebrate the 95th anniversary of HIT. To create a better HIT in future, HIT will start a Five Year Plan to facilitate the development of the university, hoping that HIT will become more powerful and famous when it celebrate its 100 years old birthday. Let’s march towards the goal of HIT becoming a first class university in the world.


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