Flag Raising Ceremony Held for the Celebration of the 95th Anniversary of HIT on the Three Campuses


                  Flag Raising Ceremony was held to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Harbin Institute of Technology on 7th June. Participants of the three campuses interacted with one another by live video through internet. CPC Secretary of HIT WANG Shuquan gave address “Salute to the history, lead the future, and accelerate the construction of HIT to a first class university of in the world”. ?President ZHOU Yu hosted the ceremony.

                  WANG Shuquan expressed his hope on behalf of HIT In his speech. First, HIT people should pay their respect to and inherit the history and good tradition of HIT; second, HIT people need to stick to the HIT motto of “Strictest Standard and Greatest Effort”; third, HIT should deeply root itself in China and strive to become a first class university in the world. HIT would start a “Five-year-plan” to develop itself into a fist class university with space science as its outstanding discipline which would serve the national defense industry.

                  President ZHOU Yu sent his best regards to all HIT people as well as alumni all over the world. He also expressed heartfelt respect and thanks to those who had always been supporting HIT. ZHOU Yu hoped that all HIT people can work together to grasp the great opportunity to become a first class university, making greater contribution to our country and nation.

                  After the flag raising Professor XING Defeng from the Faculty of Municipal Administration and Environmental Engineering launched an initiative on behalf of faculty members: HIT people should carry forward the good traditions of HIT, conquer scientific peeks, involve actively in innovation and cooperation, and strive to become leading roles in the regional economic development. After that, all students pledged to work hard and contribute to the realization of the Dream of China. At the end of the ceremony, all participants sang the anthem of HIT in chorus.

                  Attendees of the ceremony included HIT leaders, heads of faculties and school, representatives of retired leaders and faculty members, faculty members, students, alumni and that from HIT Affiliated Middle School.


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