International Workshop by HITSZ and Laval University Held in Shenzhen


                  International Workshop by the School of Urban Planning and Management of HITSZ and Faculty of Architecture of Laval University was held in Shenzhen. 60 faculty members and students, among whom 15 were Canadian and 45 Chinese, participated in the workshop.

                  The workshop started on 24th April. All the participants were divided into 10 groups to research on the Jikeng Residential Area located in Longgang, Shenzhen to explore possibilities of its sustainable development in the construction of Low-carbon City of Shenzhen. Professors from Shenzhen University and from Laval University gave seminars to students in the workshop. After on-spot survey, concept extraction and plan design, students presented their final design project on 30th May.

                  It was the 3rd workshop organized together by HITSZ and Laval University. These activities had expanded the students’ horizon, provided them opportunity to practice their international communication skills, and promoted the cooperation forwards between the two institutions.


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